Continuum Advisory Group Releases 2018 CURT Owner Trends Study Copy

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The 2018 Construction User Roundtable (CURT) Owner Trends Study, conducted by Continuum Advisory Group, shares the insights of both owner and contractor organizations as to how ready industry’s change-readiness in the face of the increasing pressures on schedule, budget, safety and quality. We selected the groundbreaking Construction Industry Institute (CII) OS2.0 Manifesto for Change as a discussion point for the study.

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P&GJ: Contractors and Utilities: What Makes a Relationship Work?

Posted on 02/09/2018 in Utility - 0

Fifteen years ago, a gas utility client faced a nearly impossible task – quadrupling pipeline construction with a limited increase in internal resources. The solution – bring in the contractors as trusted partners and build the solution together.

And it worked.

Relationships of any kind take hard work, but the benefits can be tremendous. Our work as strategic advisors to utilities and contractors has helped us gain a deeper understanding of the key ingredients to strong contractor/utility relationships.

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7 Reasons the Benefit of BIM Is Now

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Building information modeling – or BIM – is a powerful business platform that uses 3D visualization to convey a building’s materials, construction, and architecture. Its complexity and power have made it ideal for large-scale commercial projects…but the time is coming for its use in single family and multifamily residential applications.

In a new piece for Multifamily Executive, Continuum Advisory Group’s Clark Ellis argues that time is now:

“The benefits of BIM greatly outweigh the risks. In fact, a deeply ingrained human flaw may be at the root of the reluctance of many to get started: Most of us tend to underestimate the risk of not changing our habits, behaviors, processes, strategies, and the like. At the same time, we overestimate the risk of change.”

By examining a mixture of technological advances, consumer demands and operational efficiencies, Clark outlines seven reasons your multifamily residential company could benefit from BIM.

Read the full article HERE.

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Continuum Advisory Group Releases 2017 CURT Owner Trends Study

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Continuum Advisory Group Releases 2017 CURT Owner Trends Study:

Excellence in Total Project Performance: Differentiating High Performing Owners

Continuum Advisory Group has released the 2017 Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) Owner Trends Study, the newest installment of their Owner Trends series.

The study – a collaboration between both organizations – focuses on excellence in total project performance in the capital construction industry. Through this research, Continuum Advisory Group and CURT sought to understand the challenges facing owners related to optimizing capital program delivery and to delve into how owner A/E/C partners can understand these issues and collaborate on solutions.

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CURT 2017 Keynote: Excellence in Total Project Performance

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At the 2017 CURT National Conference in Chandler Arizona, Gretchen Gagel, President and COO of Continuum Advisory Group, presented the preliminary findings of the CURT and Continuum Advisory Group annual Owner Trends Study. Through this year’s study we explored:

• What sets above average project teams apart
• The cultural factors that differentiate above average organizations from average and below average organizations
• Best practices utilized in achieving excellence in total project performance
• What more owners and their A/E/C partners need from each other to achieve excellence

As one of our study participants said, “At the end of the day, we only achieve true
excellence if all stakeholders feel that it was a successful project for them. That includes our most important customers – the business units we serve.”  –Michael Mayra, Construction Group Manager, General Motors

For more, download the full keynote presentation below.

Download the Presentation
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Owners in Transition: Doing More With Less

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September 13th and 14th Matt Marshall, Senior Consultant with Continuum Advisory Group, participated in the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) Member Meeting and Forum entitled “Owners In Transition: Doing More With Less.” At the member meeting on the 13th Matt Marshall presented relevant findings from the 2016 Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) Owner Trends Study that Continuum helped conduct entitled  “Insights to Leading An Agile Capital Program.” Interesting topics from the forum on the 14th included:

  • how owners are “doing more with less” responding to reductions in force internal to their capital projects teams
  • how owners are overcoming challenges to project execution and productivity during times of transition
  • exploring modularization – lessons learned: when modularization is or isn’t appropriate, and
  • are the young professionals in our industry being adequately prepared for the future?

Reflecting on the meeting and forum Matt said, “CURT and it’s members and industry partners are working together to understand today’s most pressing issues, develop and share best practices and implement meaningful improvements and change in the industry. It’s a honor to partner with some of the most passionate and experienced people I have met in the business of planning and executing capital projects.”

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GOBA Recap

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Where do we find opportunity for competitive separation in an environment with such constrained resources? As a homebuilder, how do we deliver high quality homes to our customers on time with a depleted trade base and high internal turnover? As a trade contractor, how do we establish a productive relationship with the builder that’s built on trust and transparency, in turn allowing us to meet their expectations regardless of our own internal capacity? As a supplier, how do we communicate our strategic capabilities in a way that addresses a builder’s cycle time challenges?

As a leader of any of these types of companies, how do I get the most out of my staff and external partners?

The reality: trade capacity is down and still falling. Land is scarce and expensive. The talent pool is dry and the best people come with a high price tag. Despite these constraints, there is a significant opportunity to separate yourself from your competition in this environment. On Wednesday, September 21st, Brandon Hart, Senior Consultant with Continuum Advisory Group, shared four tactics for doing so with members of the Greater Orlando Builder Association. Regardless of your position in the supply chain, these four tactics can be implemented within your organization at any time. And there is no better time than now.

If you’re interested in hearing more, Brandon can be reached at or 919-744-8029.

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Get Started Getting Started

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When you think procrastination, laziness is definitely adjacent.

Procrastination is a big problem in the construction industry, but for entirely different reasons. Most builders learn quickly that outright laziness is not an option in an industry driven by deadlines, high production standards and shifting customer demand. Instead, procrastination in construction is a bit more complex.

Our procrastination is driven not by laziness, but often a lack of capacity and resources. But why can’t we fix those resources? Why not start getting things done so we can start getting things done?

In a new piece for Builder, Clark Ellis – Principal at Continuum Advisory Group – asks that very question, and dares you to do the same.

That question starts with another one: what are the roadblocks that inspire procrastination? Clark goes back to the Great Recession and digs up the long-term implications: strained on-the-ground labor resources, a lack of experienced professionals, and a general atmosphere of caution and dread.

So builders face two choices: either accept lower growth rates, or improve their organization’s productivity. Because it’s easier to settle, many organizations opt for the first route. While this avoids the complex restructuring and planning of improving productivity, it manifests in other, equally unpleasant ways. Your management is forced to repeatedly fight fires to meet profit goals. Your projects are completed on hopes and prayers. Your entire staff is exhausted and stressed out.

“Normal” work takes precedence over strategic planning, and the paradigm is accepted as a tough fact of life. You can’t find the time to fix those resource issues. The thing is, you can’t run forever. Neither can your competitors.  Someone has to make a strategic plan to improve those resource deficiencies.

The question is: who will find the time first?

If you want to free your organization from the vicious cycle of procrastination, you have to start at the source: your resources. Improve them or face irrelevance.

You can read the full article on Builder right now.

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Order Takers or Value Creators?

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Engineering, Construction & Facilities Maintenance Groups as Critical Drivers of Organizational Performance

While those embedded in corporate engineering, construction and facilities (E/C/F) teams have long understood the value they create for the corporate bottom line, internal business customers may not realize the vital role these teams could play in enabling corporate success. The role served by corporate E/C/F teams is becoming increasingly critical to the success and survival of the corporation. The Construction Industry Institute (CII) and Continuum Advisory Group joined forces to better understand the relationship between the internal E/C/F departments and the overall corporate strategic plan.

The CII and Continuum Advisory Group research team set out to:

1. More deeply understand the current relationship between corporate E/C/F teams and the internal clients they serve. Are E/C/F departments viewed as “order takers”, executing without question the facilities they are directed to build and maintain? Or do these teams sit at the highest-level strategic table, advising on corporate asset strategies and enabling corporate success on key metrics such as share price, return on assets, operating costs and speed to market?

2. Determine if that relationship is shifting. Are E/C/F teams gaining more strategic ground? If so, what strategies and tactics have helped position these teams as the high-value, innovative solution providers they are?

3. Capture invaluable lessons regarding how to align every employee, every team and every department to develop and execute the strategies and tactics that are critical to corporate success.

“After hearing Jon Pemberton speak on his directive to cut 30% of the cost and 50% of the time out of the capital program delivery process at Intel, I immediately approached CII about collaborating on this study. The need for transformational change and improvement in our industry is a critical issue.” Gretchen Gagel, President, Continuum Advisory Group

The research team is happy to debrief the study with any company or group who is interested in learning more about the findings and how to apply the strategies to their own organization. Please contact us at to set up a 60 minute debrief or click the Contact Us button.
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