Education Case Study 1

Education Case Study 1

Posted on 04/19/2015 in Education - 186

CHALLENGE: School Construction Lagging Behind Demand

The K-12 system of a large metropolitan city was experiencing significant challenges in constructing schools fast enough to meet the demands of the district. Money was not the issue as the school district had approximately $700 million on hand for school construction. Considerable local and national negative press was creating significant pressure to build more schools, both faster and of higher quality. The School Board was under a great deal of stress and needed change and results quickly.

SOLUTION: Process Evaluation ► Key Change Identification

Gretchen Gagel and Mark Bridgers led a team of eight nationally recognized consultants to effectively conduct a thorough evaluation of the entire design and construction process for this K-12 school district in 90 days. They adroitly identified seven key changes to significantly improve the cycle time of school design and construction, including ways to improve the program planning process, strategic sourcing of design and construction services, and management of program and project execution. (This work occurred prior to joining Continuum Advisory Group.)

RESULTS: Process Redesign ► Swift & Signification Improvement

The School Board unanimously approved the implementation phase of this project and significant improvements occurred prior to the replacement of the school district administration leadership.