Continuum Advisory Group provides strategic consulting to healthcare, pharmaceutical and other life science-related organizations that regularly build and maintain facilities. Our solutions achieve measurable results, reducing the time and money related to capital and facilities maintenance programs.

For more information on Continuum’s work within the life sciences industry contact Kelcey Henderson.

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Strategic Program Planning


Strategic Sourcing


Strategic Organizational Development


Strategic Program/Project Execution

Optimized program delivery

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PLAN - Strategic Program Planning X

Effective capital construction and facilities maintenance plans must align with corporate objectives such as new product development, sustainability, ROI, and risk mitigation. We maximize the success of design, engineering, construction and facilities maintenance departments by driving innovative thinking and bottom-line results. Our strategic program planning process is focused on program definition, program budgeting, internal versus external resource allocation, risk evaluation and mitigation, and performance benchmarking.

DELIVER - Strategic Program/Project Execution X

Organizations need the right strategies to leverage internal and external talent, mitigate risk and optimize performance relative to budget, schedule, quality and safety. We work throughout the entire spectrum of program and project delivery, from the development of program and project execution strategies to partnering with specific project teams to achieve the greatest results. Our approach focuses upon developing the right people, processes and technology to achieve outstanding capital construction and facilities maintenance program and project execution.

BUY - Strategic Sourcing X

Winning teams aren’t just made up of internal staff. Organizations must determine how best to buy and manage suppliers, or external talent in our dynamic marketplace. We assess current strategies and develop new ones that maximize the value received for the dollar spent on capital construction and facilities maintenance services. We focus on evaluating and designing sourcing strategies for project and program delivery, supplier evaluation and selection processes, and relationship governance strategies including alliance development.

MANAGE - Strategic Organizational Development X

Best-in-class teams deliver capital construction and facilities maintenance programs that provide real competitive advantage for your organization. We help organizations determine the right skills and knowledge to maintain internally, learn how to hire, train and manage the best talent effectively, and develop or re-engineer key internal processes that result in outstanding program performance.