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As a principal with Continuum Advisory Group, Nate focuses on working with production home builders to lower their construction cost and improve operational performance. Nate has spent the last six years developing and improving Continuum’s cost management services which have helped many of the nation’s largest builders save millions in direct cost.

Nate began his career working with a condominium developer and builder in the mountains of Colorado focusing on areas of finance, accounting and marketing. After receiving his MBA he joined FMI Corporation, a management consulting firm focused on the construction industry. In addition to working with home builders Nate worked with various construction firms on issues relating to strategy, business development and operational performance. He also developed several multi-day training courses to help construction professionals improve their marketing and sales skills.

Nate has worked with companies in many parts of the homebuilding and construction industries, including trade contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, builders and developers. This experience affords Nate a broad depth of knowledge and a clear understanding of the innermost workings of the building industry. This knowledge and experience is a key asset in helping Nate find and implement solutions for Continuum’s clients. Nate has worked in most of the nation’s largest homebuilding markets and provides both a national and local perspective on the best practices builders can use to improve their performance.

Nate holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Denver and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan.