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GOBA Recap

Posted on 09/26/2016 in Homebuilding - 0

Where do we find opportunity for competitive separation in an environment with such constrained resources? As a homebuilder, how do we deliver high quality homes to our customers on time with a depleted trade base and high internal turnover? As a trade contractor, how do we establish a productive relationship with the builder that’s built on trust and transparency, in turn allowing us to meet their expectations regardless of our own internal capacity? As a supplier, how do we communicate our strategic capabilities in a way that addresses a builder’s cycle time challenges?

As a leader of any of these types of companies, how do I get the most out of my staff and external partners?

The reality: trade capacity is down and still falling. Land is scarce and expensive. The talent pool is dry and the best people come with a high price tag. Despite these constraints, there is a significant opportunity to separate yourself from your competition in this environment. On Wednesday, September 21st, Brandon Hart, Senior Consultant with Continuum Advisory Group, shared four tactics for doing so with members of the Greater Orlando Builder Association. Regardless of your position in the supply chain, these four tactics can be implemented within your organization at any time. And there is no better time than now.

If you’re interested in hearing more, Brandon can be reached at or 919-744-8029.

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Get Started Getting Started

Posted on 08/19/2016 in Homebuilding - 0

When you think procrastination, laziness is definitely adjacent.

Procrastination is a big problem in the construction industry, but for entirely different reasons. Most builders learn quickly that outright laziness is not an option in an industry driven by deadlines, high production standards and shifting customer demand. Instead, procrastination in construction is a bit more complex.

Our procrastination is driven not by laziness, but often a lack of capacity and resources. But why can’t we fix those resources? Why not start getting things done so we can start getting things done?

In a new piece for Builder, Clark Ellis – Principal at Continuum Advisory Group – asks that very question, and dares you to do the same.

That question starts with another one: what are the roadblocks that inspire procrastination? Clark goes back to the Great Recession and digs up the long-term implications: strained on-the-ground labor resources, a lack of experienced professionals, and a general atmosphere of caution and dread.

So builders face two choices: either accept lower growth rates, or improve their organization’s productivity. Because it’s easier to settle, many organizations opt for the first route. While this avoids the complex restructuring and planning of improving productivity, it manifests in other, equally unpleasant ways. Your management is forced to repeatedly fight fires to meet profit goals. Your projects are completed on hopes and prayers. Your entire staff is exhausted and stressed out.

“Normal” work takes precedence over strategic planning, and the paradigm is accepted as a tough fact of life. You can’t find the time to fix those resource issues. The thing is, you can’t run forever. Neither can your competitors.  Someone has to make a strategic plan to improve those resource deficiencies.

The question is: who will find the time first?

If you want to free your organization from the vicious cycle of procrastination, you have to start at the source: your resources. Improve them or face irrelevance.

You can read the full article on Builder right now.

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Big Builder: Hurry Up and Waste

Posted on 02/15/2016 in Homebuilding - 0

We all know that planning ahead is always wise. Yet in the homebuilding industry, many find themselves in a last minute December scramble.

In a time where you should be discussing next year, drafting a budget and coasting into the holidays, you instead find yourself crushed under deadlines in an effort to save your bottom line. Here at Continuum Advisory Group, we call this the Q4 Fire Drill.

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Big Builder: Money Ball for Homebuilders

Posted on 04/13/2015 in Homebuilding - 0

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Take an ‘everything matters’ approach to operations, and ‘small ball’ will get you the wins.
“Pitchers and catchers reporting.” There may be no sweeter four words in the English language when they are assembled in the preceding phrase. Along with the indomitable Punxsutawney Phil, the start of spring training is a harbinger of Spring, bringing with it the promise of longer, warmer days, the possibility of renewal (technically the Phils have not been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs yet) and knowledge that it won’t be too long before you’ll be able to knock off work on a Tuesday, head to the ballpark with your buddies or your family or just by yourself…to enjoy grown men playing a kids game and escape the daily grind for a few hours.

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Operational Challenges of Serving The First Time Homebuyer As presented at UBS Homebuilder University

Posted on 04/09/2015 in Homebuilding - 0

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The operational challenges of serving the first time homebuyer segment in 2015 are different and more problematic for most builders than they were between 2000 and 2007. With significant margin risk, working capital management requires a sharper focus from management. This is true for the overall enterprise but is even more important for the entry level segment.

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Takeoff and Cost Management: A Return to Profitability

Posted on 03/02/2011 in Uncategorized - 0

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Virtually all large U.S. builders are losing an average of $2,000 to $4,000 per home due to inaccurate takeoff procedures, inflated waste factors and careless use of materials on site, according to research conducted by Continuum Advisory Group. Continuum has analyzed building materials packages for more than 1,000 different house plans in multiple divisions of the nation’s top home builders between 2006 and today.

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Trade Contractor Pricing Will Rise in the Next Two Quarters: Find Out Why and What Can Be Done

Posted on 03/01/2011 in Uncategorized - 0

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The business of construction trade contracting is unique. While it is one of the most closely aligned businesses to macroeconomic conditions, it also features some characteristics that are not just unique, but downright counter-intuitive… unless you understand the industry structure in which they operate.

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