America’s IT Construction Challenge as Published by Compact Equipment Online

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The utility industry has been in the news a great deal lately, with much of the emphasis on the energy segment. Concerns about volatile energy prices, environmental regulation and renewable energy have led to a great deal of focus from both government and industry leaders on America’s energy future. America’s communication infrastructure is frequently an afterthought, however, this is changing. Communication infrastructure spending is accelerating, and in the short-term, it exhibits the fastest construction spending growth rate of all the utility segments.

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The 2012 Utility Construction Outlook: Powering American Competitiveness As published in Utility CONTRACTOR

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America’s economic competitiveness is under threat and the convergence of power, water and sewer infrastructure integrated through communication technology is one solution to an economic competitive advantage. This convergence matters because the ability to efficiently generate and distribute power combine with access to clean water integrated by highly effective communication technology can form the basis of the next generation of “American Exceptionalism.”

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Poison or Nourishment? Why Quantitative Easing Demands That Utility Contractors Hedge Their Risk Today As published in the PCCA Journal

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Fearing continued economic stagnation and high unemployment, the Federal Reserve recently announced a policy of “Quantitative Easing” as a panacea for these ills. Many contractors wonder how this policy will affect their ability to profitably construct a client’s capital assets. What is certain is that inflation will increase, the dollar will depreciate in value, and commodity prices will increase dramatically. Unprepared utility contractors will be punished by these environmental changes in 2012 and beyond.

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Five Years Into the Downturn: Arizona Residential Trade Contractor Supply

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It is now more than five years since the residential housing market began its decline. Current start levels have continued to fall through this period. Starts peaked in 2005 at over 87,000. In 2010 starts were at just 11,700, or 13.4% of peak. Even if we consider the 2005 peak to be an aberration, using the 1990’s as a guide, a normal year for Arizona would average 57,000 starts. Using that as a yardstick, starts in Arizona for 2010 were at 20% of normal.

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Quantitative Easing as Alchemy: Why Electric and Gas Utilities Should Hedge their Capital Construction Risk Today As published in Electric Energy

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Fearing continued economic stagnation and high unemployment, the Federal Reserve recently announced a policy of “quantitative easing” as a panacea for these ills. There is a broad diversity of opinion about whether using $600 billion to purchase bonds will work, even among the Federal Reserve System’s Board of Governors.

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Takeoff and Cost Management: A Return to Profitability

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Virtually all large U.S. builders are losing an average of $2,000 to $4,000 per home due to inaccurate takeoff procedures, inflated waste factors and careless use of materials on site, according to research conducted by Continuum Advisory Group. Continuum has analyzed building materials packages for more than 1,000 different house plans in multiple divisions of the nation’s top home builders between 2006 and today.

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