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Order Takers or Value Creators?

Posted on 07/29/2016 in Owner Trends - 0
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Engineering, Construction & Facilities Maintenance Groups as Critical Drivers of Organizational Performance

While those embedded in corporate engineering, construction and facilities (E/C/F) teams have long understood the value they create for the corporate bottom line, internal business customers may not realize the vital role these teams could play in enabling corporate success. The role served by corporate E/C/F teams is becoming increasingly critical to the success and survival of the corporation. The Construction Industry Institute (CII) and Continuum Advisory Group joined forces to better understand the relationship between the internal E/C/F departments and the overall corporate strategic plan.

The CII and Continuum Advisory Group research team set out to:

1. More deeply understand the current relationship between corporate E/C/F teams and the internal clients they serve. Are E/C/F departments viewed as “order takers”, executing without question the facilities they are directed to build and maintain? Or do these teams sit at the highest-level strategic table, advising on corporate asset strategies and enabling corporate success on key metrics such as share price, return on assets, operating costs and speed to market?

2. Determine if that relationship is shifting. Are E/C/F teams gaining more strategic ground? If so, what strategies and tactics have helped position these teams as the high-value, innovative solution providers they are?

3. Capture invaluable lessons regarding how to align every employee, every team and every department to develop and execute the strategies and tactics that are critical to corporate success.

“After hearing Jon Pemberton speak on his directive to cut 30% of the cost and 50% of the time out of the capital program delivery process at Intel, I immediately approached CII about collaborating on this study. The need for transformational change and improvement in our industry is a critical issue.” Gretchen Gagel, President, Continuum Advisory Group

The research team is happy to debrief the study with any company or group who is interested in learning more about the findings and how to apply the strategies to their own organization. Please contact us at to set up a 60 minute debrief or click the Contact Us button.
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Viewpoint: Accelerate the Changes As published by ENR

Posted on 01/28/2015 in Construction, Engineering - 0

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Ten years ago, I left the construction industry because I needed a change. I wanted a break from the constant travel, and I wanted to get to know my home town of Denver again. So I took an opportunity to run a foundation and, later, became assistant dean at the University of Denver’s business school. Last year, I was coaxed back to the construction industry to become president of Continuum Advisory Group, a management consulting firm focused on our industry. After a decade away, I decided to catch up on what I had missed by interviewing 40 owners of the industry’s largest firms, many of them past clients.

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PRESS RELEASE: Continuum Advisory Group Releases Trends Study in Engineering and Construction

Posted on 12/18/2014 in Construction, Economic Overview, Engineering - 0

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Denver (Dec. 18, 2014) – Continuum Advisory Group, a management consulting firm with a vision to transform the worldwide building and construction industry through revolutionary innovation, has just released a qualitative study on the economic cycles and key trends in capital asset construction for the next decade.

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Key Owner Trends: Gone Are The Days… Challenges of the Next Decade of Capital Construction and Facilities Maintenance

Posted on 12/10/2014 in Construction, Economic Overview, Engineering - 0

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We know for certain that change is the constant of our future, driven by factors such as global political unrest and swinging economic cycles, and that the world is continuing to change at an ever-increasing pace.

For the second part of this qualitative study, we interviewed 40 of the largest organizations in the world, both private and public, including oil & gas, healthcare, hi-tech, transportation, education, commercial, power generation and distribution, and pipeline construction. With the theme of ever-increasing change in mind, we asked them a simple set of questions. What keeps you lying awake at night? What challenges do you foresee in the next decade relative to capital construction and facilities maintenance that your organization absolutely MUST address in order to remain competitive? How will you effectively address the need to change and continually improve?

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Key Owner Trends: Riding The Wave of Capital Construction Delivery Through The Turbulent Past Decade

Posted on 02/27/2014 in Construction, Economic Overview, Engineering - 0

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“Study the past if you would define the future.” – Confucius

These are sage words of wisdom, especially when one considers this advice within the context of the U.S. construction industry. Capital asset owners — large American corporations and government agencies who spend roughly one trillion per year to construct pipelines, schools, retail stores, data centers and any other imaginable structure — have endured several economic cycles over the last decade and are preparing for more volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity in the business environment over the next decade.

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